Professional Help to Get the Best Deals in Home Loans

The megacity of Singapore is the dream destination of many to settle down. The main challenge, however, is the question of financing the new house. It is essential that you get the best housing loan plan according to your requirements and this is where professional companies help in guiding you through the entire of process of loan approval and property purchasing in Singapore.

What services are provided to the customers?

Financial experts of the company compare the property loan interest rates offered by different banks and financial institutions and give an expert advice regarding the best deals according to your requirements. A multitude of options are given to the customer based on his/her profile so that the Singapore best mortgage loan rate which is well within the financial capabilities of the client is selected. The best interest rates are dug out by the companies for the benefit of the customers which cannot be possible for an individual with no contacts and experience in the Singapore loan market.

The entire process of applying for the loan along with the processing of various required paperwork is simplified by the companies whose experts can be relied upon to make it as hassle free as possible for the customers. The companies have contacts with various banks which help them in obtaining quotes swiftly. The customers have no need to run from pillar to post because all the legwork is completed by the companies.


Real estate prices in Singapore is one of the highest in the world and improperly selected mortgage rates Singapore can lead to a huge drain in the monthly finances of an individual. Therefore, the help of professional experts with in-depth knowledge of the Singapore real estate market and financing becomes imperative to avoid all kind of problems in the future.

Loan approval and purchasing a property 

Loan approval in-principle from a bank is dependent on various factors such as:

  • Number of housing loans
  • Fixed and variable income of the borrower
  • Number of liabilities of the borrower such as car loans, personal loans, credit card usage, etc.
  • Financial assets such as bonds, shares, cash, stocks and shares
  • Company liabilities of the borrower

After a seeking an in-principal approval from the bank, you should seek the help of a mortgage consultant company to seek advice on the various financing options. The mortgage consultant company also makes sure that the price of the property you are intending to buy is within valuation. Purchasing the property with the help of a lawyer is also recommended.


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